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How TO Install with the One CLICK INSTALL 

In this lesson, I will be showing you how to Install with the one Click WordPress install

When you signed up with your hosting company or Site ground, you would have received all information required to sign into your hosting account, so what you need to do is sign into your hosting account.

When you log in, you need to access your panel i. e Your c-panel is your web hosting account dashboard, where you can manage all things related to your hosting account.

Regardless of what hosting company you have chosen, you will have a software installer, what you need to do is scroll to that section and find the Software and Services section within your c-panel

Click on Softaculus, this is just a software installer and you will be presented with a page with the variety of software you can install, what we are looking for is the W symbol hover on it and you will find a button that says “Install Now”.

Click on the install button and you will be presented with the following fields

In the Choose Protocol field : Leave this blank if you want your URL to start with just “http://”—or if you have an SSL certificate for a “https://” / HTTP www or https

or you want “www”, press the drop-down arrow and select the protocol you prefer. I recommend your domain without www, mainly because these days people rarely type in the preceding www, but it’s your preference.

Choose Domain: There should only be one domain showing—your new one—if this is a brand new web hosting account. As long as your domain name appears by default, you don’t have to do anything.

In Directory: Leave it blank if it is going to be your primary domain.

Site Settings:

Site name: Replace the generic text with your site/blog name (e.g. “Mandy  Wayne, Digital Strategist”);

Site Description: A brief description of what your website is about.

Do not check “Enable Multisite (WPMU)


Admin username: Resist the urge to allow your admin name to be “Admin”—that is far too easy to hack! Choose something random, like “BfwUp2” as your admin name

Password : your admin name and password are not easy to guess. (Randomize your password too.)

Admin email: any email address that you want to associate with your website administration

Choose Language:

Advanced Settings: All you need to do here is enter the email address that you want WordPress to send your installation details to—and press “Install”.

On the next page, it’s just a matter of waiting patiently until your installation is complete – it should only take a few mins you are presented with a screen which shows your domain name, and your WordPress login details!

You should also receive an email to your selected mailbox with all your login details

Congratulations, you’ve just set up WordPress! It’s time to log in




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