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My services are based on a strategic framework process that is focused on helping you 

  1. Develop an online presence
  2. Generate the right leads
  3. Convert those leads in to paying customers

I look at the big picture , and plan out what works best for your small business.  I leverage my expertise and utilise strategies to get the best results for your project.  Below, you will find a detailed description of the services that I provide. 


Prerequisites: You must have an existing business with content for your free offer, trip wire, and main offer.


My team of experts and I will come together and help you produce the following:

  • Define your Goals
  • Refine your audience – We target you ideal customer 
  • Craft your lead magnet – We create you irresistible offer – PDF worksheets and e-books to offer as a download
  • Design and build your sales funnel – an automated system that will consistently grow your leads and convert them into customers., Co create your opt-in gift custom emails, content and pages to include – Landing , Thank You and Sales Page – Landing page for opt-ins, Videos for your landing pages, Sales pages for trip wires and opt-ins
  • Short & long form sales pages
  • Membership funnels
  • Design you Nurture Sequences :  
  • Email nurture sequences
  • Content  – Optimized blog content
  • Ads Creation : Facebook ads 
  • Ongoing Monitoring and Management 
  • What You end up with
    • A branded funnel with matching graphics
    • Compelling copy to help your funnel convert
    • Your Facebook ad campaigns taken care of



Prerequisites: A budget for tech tools and a setup fee, plus a monthly support budget of at least $1,000.



You hate Tech, but guess what I love it

 I always have my eyes and hands on the latest new tools to explore and experiment with to help automate parts of your business and make the running of your business a lot easier.

I have my favorite tools, but I also love to see what’s out there, and clients often seek my help to figure things out.

This means I generally have more experience with some systems than most. I have gained the name the “TECHIE” as a result.

If you’re struggling with the technical know-how or systems needed to automate and simplify your business as much as possible.

I can help you with the following:

  • Identify the gaps and improvements needed within your business systems
  • Implement systems so you do not have to, while also documenting the process for you and your team
  • Maintain everything for you on a monthly basis so you can simply forget it altogether!

P.S. I only recommend tools that i believe are right for your business.


Can you relate with these?

  • You have an amazing product or service you want to sell more of
  • You want to improve your marketing efforts
  • You want to scale and automate your business so you can do more
  • You want to focus more on creating irresistible offers and less on the overwhelm of technology
  • You want an effective sales system that repeatedly introduces new leads to your business and increases your revenue

“Tosin is really, really, really good at what she does. Tosin truly translated my brief and delivered a website that truly reflects what we are about . I couldn’t ask for a better creative partner, which is why I will continue to work with Tosin . I just love how she communicates and helps you understand technicalities in the simplest way possible.



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